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The companies I represent are vendors whose products and services I can verify, having found them to be of high quality and character in my own experience as a retailer.  It is my job not simply to sell their products, but to enable retailers to obtain maximum benefits by understanding and  accessing the strengths of these outstanding organizations.

If you have any questions regarding our products or would like more information, please contact us:

Nyala Ruby and Sapphire
Nyala Ruby & SapphireColumbia Gem House’s ruby and sapphire mine in Nyala, Malawi is an outstanding illustration of what makes “fair trade” exciting.
Columbia Gem House
Columbia Gem House
A vertically-integrated gemstone mining, cutting and marketing company founded by Eric Braunwart, President and CEO, in 1977 and charter member of AGTA.
Trigem Designs
Trigem DesignsTMUnder this name, Columbia Gem House manufactures finished jewelry in Vancouver, Washington, designed with the independent jeweler in mind.  All jewelry is made in the USA, and is clearly stamped with our registered trademark.
Fair Trade Gems
Fair Trade GemsThis outlines the rational and protocols for a system of mining and cutting gems  in ways beneficial to the vulnerable individuals in areas where these things are done, and of communicating all of the knowable facts about a gem to the ultimate consumer, in a clear and transparent manner.
The Edge Software
The Edge

A comprehensive jewelry store management system designed specifically for independent retail jewelers.